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>>U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone (D-MN) will introduce an amendment to S. 1133
>>The Parent and Student Savings Act that will:
>>* increase the limit on vocational education for welfare recipients
>12 to 24 months;
>> * allow participation in the federal work-study program to count as
>>a work
>>activity for welfare recipients; and
>>* remove teen parents without a high school diploma from counting under
>>the vocational education cap, thus allowing more adult welfare recipients
>>to participate in vocational education.
>>S. 1133, also known as the Coverdell bill, is scheduled to be voted on by
>>the U.S. Senate during the week of April 20th. Senator Wellstone will
>>offer the amendment during the floor debate.
>>Clearly this amendment will greatly assist our programs in better serving
>>women receiving welfare under TANF and significantly increase women's
>>options for achieving economic self-sufficiency!!!

Great ideas, but they're being attached to a very bad bill. Sen.
Coverdell's overall bill is a thinly-veiled form of vouchers for elementary
and high school students, which should not be encouraged.

People for the American Way describes says "the Coverdell legislation would
allow families to receive tax breaks on money deposited into education
savings accounts to finance their children's elementary and secondary
educational expenses, including tuition at religious and other private

For information see

I would instead encourage Sen. Wellstone to find another legislative
vehicle for his amendments.

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