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What state do you live in? Nearly every state has SOMEONE "doing" sex equity.
As you have learned, every state is required to have a vocational sex equity
person, usually located in the state education agency or labor dept. Call and
ask. Or ask your state ed. agency who is doing sex equity now that Title IV
has gone away; as Peggy (NB) and Sue (MN) have said, many people are still
there and working. If you tell us where you are, those of us who have been
doing this work for decades can probably give you allies' names in your state.
We've met them through the National Coalition for Sex Equity in Education and
from early US Dept of Ed training workshops that we had. You should also
chekc out AAUW; they have a major impact in most states and in those cities
where they have branches.

We have been working very hard for years with school districts in our states
to help them implement Title IX. Some districts have done more, some less. As
Ray has said, a good complaint has gotten the attention of many a school
district that wanted to blow this off.

I'm beginning to resent the implication that nothing has gone on, or is going
on right now. You just have to get hooked up to the right people. I just
know that I've been doing this work since 1975: first as local school Title IX
coordinator, then for more than 15 years as sex equity consultant with the
Wis. Dept of Public Instruction, and now as a private consultant. I've
facilitaed literally hundreds of workshops, been in hundreds of schools,
talked to thousands of educators, and printed many documents to help schools.
And there are people like me in nearly every state.

How can we help you hook up to those in your state?

Melissa Keyes
Madison, WI

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