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Donna Woodka (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 09:56:55 -0700 (PDT)

> Unless you can cite figures for the above claim, I'll choose to believe
> that the problem is not as bad as you make out. Some girls *choose* to
> be secretaries or hairdressers because they plan on being mothers and
> homemakers rather than engineers, scientists, or lawyers.
Precedence: bulk

I'm incredibly offended that you seem to think female engineers,
scientists, and lawyers can't be mothers. They certainly can, and are.
There's nothing wrong with being a secretary or hairdresser, but it
shouldn't be a default choice because you think you can't do something
else and also be a parent.

> We will
> always need secretaries and hairdressers, female or male. And some
> women will choose full time mothering despite our best efforts to lead
> them to the corporate world.

I'm an engineer by profession and also currently a full time mother by
choice. Sixty hour work weeks aren't exactly wonderful for families. The
corporate world needs to accept that people of both sexes are people first
and parents as well as employees. Parents need time for families, and
corporations need to learn that people have lives, not just jobs.

But, it's still an individual choice. I never thought I couldn't be an
engineer because I wanted to have a family as well.

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