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Tue, 21 Apr 1998 10:14:27 PDT

>6. Does removing boys from campuses remedy past or present
>discrimination for girls as a class (set)? (Hey, an idea! :)
> Linda Purrington
> Title IX Advocates

Are you suggesting that discriminating against boys could be a good
thing? How moral would this be when you would be discriminating against
a group of people (boys) who've had no power over "holding down" women.
As a woman of the generation that has benefited from the second wave
women's movement it would be an insult to my generation of women and
young men I know to declare that boys should be removed from campuses to
remedy past discrimination. What present discriminations are you
talking about? Women are the majority on college campuses and receiving
degrees. Just because women aren't majoring in "male-dominated" fields
such as engineering and other sciences in equal numbers as men, it
doesn't mean "there is a backlash against women." I'm majoring in
journalism at Penn State University and I didn't choose this major
because I was told I didn't belong in "male-dominated fields" or to stay
in "feminine and gentle" fields of study. I was raised by a father, who
happened to be born in the stoneage time of 1935, and he encouraged me
learn science and technology. He put a computer into my hands at age 8.

Vera Klinkowsky
Lies & Deceptions of Gender Feminists- The Truth Behind Today's Feminist

"No feminist whose concern for women stems from a concern for justice in
general can ever legitimately allow her only interest to be the
advantage of women," Janet Radcliffe Richards, The Sceptical Feminist,
p. 31.

vera klinkowsky

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