Re: Single Sex Schooling

H Furbrow (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 07:56:24 PDT

6. Does removing boys from campuses remedy past or present
>discrimination for girls as a class (set)? (Hey, an idea! :)
> (from Linda Purrington,

Removing boys remedying "past discrimination"? Do you mean remedy or
punishment? Some boys are being removed from the classroom by default
based on the six times greater incidence of suicide among male children.
Perhaps this "remedies" past and present discrimination for girls "as a
class" in your mind?

How do we justify stigmatizing boys "as a class", ignoring their
problems "as a class", and holding them responsible for the "past"
problems of girls "as a class"? This is old fashioned "eye for an eye"
justice, meted out to children who weren't even alive when the perceived
sins were committed.

I find the tone of your statement sexist. We are talking about children
here. Let's dispense with sexist wise cracks, and understand that we
are dealing with the lives and spirits of small human beings. (An

H. Furbrow

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