Re: Single Sex Schooling

Dorothy Young (71234.3270@CompuServe.COM)
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 17:59:06 -0400

H. Fubrow had many interesting things to say, and I think we should
listen to her. She is in a unique position to tell us what is really
happening now, especially to young people who are neither white mor
female. Among other things, she said:

<< Let's dispense with sexist wise cracks, and understand that we are
dealing with the lives and spirits of small human beings. >> =

I, too, am offended by the sexist wisecracks, and the general tone of
some who seem to feel that it is only females who are danger here.

I am not a professional, and was attracted to this conference to try to
find out what Title IX if really all about. It seems to me that the only=

real achievement after all of these years is that there are more women in=

sports. Even so, there are still colleges and universities which are
avoiding their responsibility in this area.

I was appalled when I read that Title IX prevented the establishment of
the all-male high school for black teenagers in Detroit. I was again
appalled when I heard that the all-girl high school in Harlem was in
danger, and was being sued by NOW and the ACLU. When does common sense
take over? =

In each case the reasons were fully explained, they were supported by
the parents who saw these schools as a way to save their children. But
somehow the language of Title IX got in the way! Time to change to
language? In the meantime, young people are not being served in ways
that could really help them. They don't have the luxury of time.

Does Title IX recognize Charter Schools as an exception? =

Are Governor Wilson's same-sex classes in California going to run into
trouble with the law? I certainly hope not. These are students who
would otherwise be channeled into an "Alternative High School." For
many and diverse reasons, there are students who are unable to attend
and/or compete in a regular high school. This is a demonstration
project, funded for three years, I believe. Though I am not ususally in
accord with our Governor, I believe he may have hit a home run here. He
has my full support in this demonstration. Sometimes parents do know
more than a bureaucrat in the education system, and they need to be
listened to! That's why Charter Schools are taking off wherever they
are allowed. That's why Vouchers are being supported by more and more
parents. =

Dorothy Young

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