Resources on Single-Sex Education
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 17:16:20 -0400

For some resources on single sex schools see the following:

o The New York Law School Journal of Human Rights devotes an entire
issue to "A Symposium on finding A Path to Gender Equality: Legal and
Policy Issues Raised by All-Female Public Education.
The 373-page issue discusses a particular single-sex school in New York
City; constitutional, statutory and policy issues raised by all-female
public education; and educational and social scientific perspectives on
all-female education. One presentation was by Bernice R. Sandler
(editor of About Women on Campus) which dealt with policy issues in
publicly supported single sex schools.

The issue also includes a friend of the court brief in the Virginia
Military Institute case in which the Supreme Court ordered that women
be admitted to the school, and two additional articles.

For a copy of Vol. 14, Winter and Spring 98, write the Coordinator of
Co-Curricular Programs, New York Law School, 57 Worth Street, New
York, NY 10013; phone (212)431-2100. The cost is $22.00 plus $5.00
for postage.

o "The Trouble with Single-Sex Schools" by Wendy Kaminer criticizes
female schools at all levels of education, charging that , despite
some benefits, they reinforce stereotypes about women. The article
appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, April 98.

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