Re: Title IX Advocates

Linda Purrington (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 15:57:01 -0700

I on the other hand would be totally smackdab delighted to have a thread
named after me! A signal honor! go for it! I think it is in fact
crucial that women --and men-- stop apologizing for being feminists or
advocates of Title IX compliance in the schools, and should have the
courage of their convictions. Please feel free to name the next
spaceship after me, I will also accept your naming your next child after
me, I will even enjoy having the next semi truck line named after
me--and my Title IX. Keep on trucking!

Linda Purrington, Title IX Advocates

H Furbrow wrote:
> I thank the person who asked that my name be taken off of this
> discussion thread as if *I*, personally, am the subject of discussion.
> It's offensive, and a bit embarassing.
> When I disagree with someone here, I don't take the trouble to name the
> discussion thread after them. It would be rude.
> H. Furbrow

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