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This is not a legal question. However, it should be noted that Title
IX was not passed until 1972. The Title IX regulations were not
adopted until 1975 and the regulations allowed for schools to adopt
transition plans to eliminate sex discrimination until June 23, 1979.

Jan Gray

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Hi Jacquelyn:

You wrote:
>U.S. went to single-sex schools. Jan Gray, could you answer this from the
>perspective? Ellen Wahl and Karen Humphrey from the research and practice
>perspectives? (Deborah Brake is gone now). And any other participants with
>thoughts on this.

While not a panelist, I think that I could take a stab at that. The age of
women who are in positions of power (at this time) does vary. But on the
upper end of that age range are women who were not able to enter premiere
universities because at the time they were all-male institutions. Also, many
of the best private programs were single sex institutions. So from a class
standpoint, the women who are able to be in those positions probably had the
best opportunities open to them, which, at that time were single sex.

Hopefully that is clear enough. It's early AM here for me and my brain is a
bit hazy.

Irrespective, I have very strong feelings about single-sex education and am
a proponent of it as an option. But I have been reading with great
interest the points many people have raised about bettering education for
both genders.

Kathryn Gullo
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