Dialogue Concludes

April 24, 1998


We are now officially ending this Dialogue on Single-Sex Education.
Many thanks to Deborah Brake, Jan Gray, Karen Humphrey, and Ellen Wahl
for offering their time, expertise, and perspectives to this lively
discussion. What a tremendous start to this new quarterly series!

We also thank you, the members of EDEQUITY for your enthusiastic
response. Undoubtedly, this discussion about how/whether single-sex
education fits within efforts to achieve educational equity will
continue for some time to come, on this list and elsewhere. It is our
hope that this focused exchange of information and views has helped
answer some of the questions you had about this issue and added to your
understanding of its complexity--whether you believe single-sex
education should be a publically-funded option or not. But it is also
clear from the discussion that there is much more research needed on
this subject.

To share what we have learned and add to the broader discussion, WEEA
will be disseminating the information generated by this Dialogue in a
number of ways including printed publications and features on our web
site <www.edc.org.WomensEquity> where we will be adding a new "room"
on single-sex education. (As you know, the entire discussion already
is archived on the web site.) We will alert you as these new
resources become available.

Again, thanks for your participation.


Susan J. Smith
EDEQUITY Moderator

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