RE: Rich and poor inequities

Linda Purrington (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 07:40:35 -0700

Linda Purrington: I'm interested in this too--I've seen people at a
public fundraiser telethon specify that their money was to go to, let's
say, band, rather than to any other program; and the board of education
just said we had a "fiduciary" responisbility to accept that. It seemed
to me this was allowing rich people to dictate public school policy,
regardless of where the greatest needs were. Can anyone educate me on
this kind of mess, and how to challenge it in public?(I do know that
booster clubs are barred from producing inequities of this sort; or
rather,the school is responsible for evening out any such inequities,
especially as the ones that commonly arise between girls and boys
athletic teams. And I have heard about the Texas law that sought to even
out funds between rich and poor districts. Thanks for any info.

Dorothy Young wrote:
> When I was active in PTA many years ago, it was a No-No for parents to
> raise funds for individual schools. If the equipment/books/supplies were
> needed, the request was to be made to the School Board, whose
> responsibilty was to spend the tax money equitably throughout the
> District. Today we have parents' groups not only putting on fund-raisers
> for equipment for their children's schools, but also soliciting
> individuals for contributions with a stated monetary goal for an
> individual school. In the wealthy part of our District this is accepted
> without question. Unfortunately, we also have schools in less afluent
> neighborhoods.

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