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Dick Jane Katie (
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 05:56:07 +0000

I am new to the list. I teach 8th grade language arts in a public
school in Manassas, Virginia. I have been teaching a class of girls,
a class of boys, and two mixed classes for the past 3 years and prior to
that I taught mixed classes in various subjects for 22 years.

The gender classes were started originally at the eighth grade level to
create a time in the day free from romatic tension. Hormones run pretty
high during eighth grade and young love made students refuse to give
class presentations, become jealous, and pass notes to plan
clandestine meetings and such. All of these behaviors disrupted the
educational focus of the class.

As the teachers on the 4 subject team (Language Arts, Math, Science,
and History) became involved with research and experimentation of
teaching techniques, the county decided to conduct a study of
the effect of what we were doing. The county has been collecting data
for 3 years now and I'm sure the data is available through research and
testing for Prince William County Public Schools - Shelly Sutherland has
been collecting the data for the county.

Jane Jones


Jane, It would be wonderful if you could please share a bit with the edequity
list some of the findings of the research, and a bit more detail about how to
obtain the resource that provides the data.

Thank you.

Edequity Administrator

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