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Fri, 1 May 1998 11:51:00 EDT

NYS's Governor Pataki has struck down the budget language that would have
guaranteed women's scholastic ( high school age students) ice hockey in the
'98 summer Empire State Games (ESG). Men's scholastic competition has and
will be part of the summer ESG. Over 6,000 NYS athletes compete as NYS

In compensation, the Governor has invited both senior and women ice hockey
players to take part in the Winter ESG. This competition is during the
regualar school year and the athletes have to pay for their housing and meals.

Help. SCREAM INEQUITY to Governor Pataki. His e-mail address is

ASAP our web page will be updated on NYS AAUW advocacy for equity on the ice

Your particiapation in our equity advocacy is appreciated.

Jane Sheeran
NYS AAUW Director for Educational Equity

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