Re: Single-Sex, Title IX, the OCR and School Violence.

Mary Ann Duffy (
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 12:58:58 -0700

jdespain wrote:
> Thanks Mary for your thoughts. I really appreciate the connection.
> I really do think that students are simply expressing more of who they
> are emotionally, as well as, their frustrations and rebellion with the
> system when they are with a substitute teacher than that they are just
> hard on the sub...because they aren't their regular teacher.
> These circumstances give much evidence and telling symptoms as to the
> true emotional state of students and should be studied for what they
> reveal about the need for emotional intelligence education and a revamping
> of schools inorder to STOP contributing to our socio-problems.
> I made the point about regular teachers insensitivity to substitutes
> inorder to bring attention to the need for emotional intelligence
> education in the schools. Such education would enhance students, parents
> and school employees. It would incompass equity education and be inter-
> generational.
> For the children.
> Jean-Marie DeSpain, M.S.
> Educational Ideals
> On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, Mary Ann Duffy wrote:
> > Thanks to Jean-Marie deSpain for an inspiring post about NEVER giving
> > up, despite personal pain.
> > I have OFTEN said, "so you're "Joe" today," without realizing that it
> > might give offense. I will never do that again, having been "Joe" but
> > not having such awful experiences from fellow teachers as she has. The
> > students are hard on subs, I know, but I expect that. You have indeed
> > chosen a difficult career. Blessings on you for your courage and
> > persistence.
> > Mary Ann Duffy
> > The Linden School
> > Toronto, ON Canada
> >

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