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Linda Purrington (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 17:20:50 -0700

Just a few ideas for your Basic Education class:
One possibility is to work with some of your basic textbooks--you can
count the numbers of females represented, analyze stereotypes, figure out
how many females are represented doing important or well paid jobs.
Follow up with access to online information for gender and labor stats.
You can also bring in copies of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act,
covering work discrimination, and a copy of the Office for Civil Rights'
discrimination reporting form.
Do you have access to the internet? If you do, or if tech skills are
part of the job, take a look at some of the sources online: have
students access the Office for Civil Rights website, the Feminist
Majority web site (which is vivid and well organized).
Or have students track the amount of work/chores/jobs they do; and
others do in their families or living arrangements; have them quantify
the work done, including rarely paid work such as kin keeping--sending
birthday cards, making casseroles for sick people, networking with
neighbors for goodwill.
Bring in forms to apply for a temporary restraining order against a
partner who is engaged in domestic violence.
Have them put on a skit based on Ursula Leguin's Left Hand of Darkness,
showing a world in which everyone can get pregnant.
Ask them what changes they want to see for their children in gender
Linda Purrington
Title IX Advocates

Tracey marino wrote:
> Please help! I'm looking for hands on ideas for teaching about gender equity
> I teach an adult basic education class and most of my students are between
> 18-30. Any suggestions of ideas or good resources would be greatly

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