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ENC CD-ROM Volume 3, Number 1
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for
Mathematics & Science Education
The Ohio State University

The latest Eisenhower National Clearinghouse CD-ROM, "Making Schools
Work for Every Child," is intended to serve as a resource for those
concerned about educational equity related to K-12 mathematics and
science education.

The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) worked with the Equity
Task Force of the National Network of Eisenhower Regional Consortia
and Clearinghouse to produce this disc to serve as a resource for
educators who are concerned about creating equitable conditions in
which every child can succeed at school.

"Making Schools Work for Every Child" includes:

GETTING STARTED: Information about the content and structure of the

STORIES AND CASES: Innovative programs, real-life stories, and
reflection questions
* An "Introduction" provides an overview of each section
* Eleven real-life "Stories," created for this CD, are based on
interviews with educators working with traditionally
underserved populations
* "Vignettes" illustrating particular equity issues
* Three "Cases" examining equity issues in schools and

EQUITY MATERIALS: Professional development materials, including
articles and Internet resources
* An "Introduction" presents an overview of the Equity Resource
* "Equity Guide" materials from the "Equity Resource Guide," a
two-volume collection of equity-related articles and
activities compiled by the Equity Task Force of the Eisenhower
Regional Consortia
* "Web Resources" helps educators find equity materials
available on the Internet
* "Projects" provides information about regional and national
equity programs
* "Frameworks" offers a collection of state frameworks and
standards documents
* "Other Materials" offers additional equity resources useful to
K-12 teachers and administrators

COMMUNITY BUILDING: Resources to help educators address equity
issues in their school communities
* An "Introduction" puts school equity into the context of the
* "Activities" that are designed to help educators develop
partnerships with parents and community members
* "E-mail Lists" contains information about e-mail discussion
groups pertaining to educational equity

SELF-ASSESSMENT: Materials to help educators reflect on their own
beliefs about equity
* An "Introduction" helps set the stage for reflection
* "Tools" includes self-assessment activities
* "Checklist" contains electronic links to articles that will
help educators assess equity levels in their own schools

RESOURCE FINDER: ENC's catalog of mathematics and science
curriculum resources
* An "Introduction" provides an overview of Resource Finder,
ENC's electronic catalog
* "ENC Catalog" gives easy to follow tips for searching the
Resource Finder on this CD-ROM
* "Equity Picks" features a selection of records in Resource
Finder that profile equity-related curriculum resources for
the K-12 classroom.

Copies of "Making Schools Work for Every Child" are available free
of charge from the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics
and Science Education (ENC), The Ohio State University,
1929 Kenny Road, Columbus, OH 43210-1079, (800) 621-5785, (614) 292-
7784, Fax: (614) 292-2066, or by e:mail: For
information on other ENC publications and CD-ROMs, visit the website

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