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Hi! I am a teacher in Exeter NH - I would like to find out who the
appropriate resources would be for me to contact. Thank you!


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> What state do you live in? Nearly every state has SOMEONE "doing" sex
> As you have learned, every state is required to have a vocational sex
> person, usually located in the state education agency or labor dept.
Call and
> ask. Or ask your state ed. agency who is doing sex equity now that Title
> has gone away; as Peggy (NB) and Sue (MN) have said, many people are
> there and working. If you tell us where you are, those of us who have
> doing this work for decades can probably give you allies' names in your
> We've met them through the National Coalition for Sex Equity in Education
> from early US Dept of Ed training workshops that we had. You should also

> chekc out AAUW; they have a major impact in most states and in those
> where they have branches.
> We have been working very hard for years with school districts in our
> to help them implement Title IX. Some districts have done more, some
less. As
> Ray has said, a good complaint has gotten the attention of many a school
> district that wanted to blow this off.
> I'm beginning to resent the implication that nothing has gone on, or is
> on right now. You just have to get hooked up to the right people. I
> know that I've been doing this work since 1975: first as local school
Title IX
> coordinator, then for more than 15 years as sex equity consultant with
> Wis. Dept of Public Instruction, and now as a private consultant. I've
> facilitaed literally hundreds of workshops, been in hundreds of schools,
> talked to thousands of educators, and printed many documents to help
> And there are people like me in nearly every state.
> How can we help you hook up to those in your state?
> Melissa Keyes
> Madison, WI

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