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Here's a few ideas for starters.
1.) Include resource materials from a variety of sources to ensure a
balanced curriculum.
2.) Learn as much as you can about the backgrounds of your students and
encourage them to share their experiences and ideas with the class.
3.) Be cognizant of the varieties of learning styles represented in your
classroom and vary your instruction and assessment accordingly.
4.) Don't be afraid to confront and discuss issues directly and openly.
Use student expressions of bias and prejudice as "teachable moments".
5.) Continuously examine your own bias and be open to changing the way
you view and relate to your students.

Bob McIntosh

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> I have a question I have been thinking about and wanted to get
> opinions from
> the rest of you. If you could sit down and talk to elementary,
> secondary and
> post-secondary teachers about thier curriculum, instruction, and
> assessment
> decisions as they relate to gender equity, what would you say to them?
> Jenny Piazza

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