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tina (
Mon, 4 May 1998 18:47:28 -0400 (EDT)

I saw your posting and I wanted to give you some resources which may help
you and your new group. The first is The second is that
you should contact your local NOW (National Organization for Women)
chapter..They can help spread the word for you and refer girls in your area
to you if they are interested. Finally, I'm not sure where you're from--but
I am editor of a book called "The Smart Girl's Guide to College." It was
just published in September and Ms. Magazine reviewed it and said it was a
feminist book written by women in college to help girls in high school make
the perfect college choice. I've been doing speaking engagements to high
school girls--I'd love to come and talk with your group about women's issues
and how they relate to your college search. I'm in New York City--in the
Fall I'll be speaking at schools in the Northeast..Let me know if you're
interested...Regradless..great luck with your group..Take care..

Cristina Page

>I am a sophmore in high school who is trying to start an offline (and online)
>group for other teenage girls who want to talk about feminism, girl rights,
>philosophy, and just generally nonshallow stuff. I already know a dozen girls
>who are intrerested, but I am looking for many more.
>Please help spread the word and tell anyone interested to email me at
> I want my voice to be heard. I want our voices to be
>heard. Oftentimes, people like me feel so alone because they are the only
>teenagers at their schools or in their community who feel strongly about
>feminism, etc. A group such as this would solve begin to solve such problems.
>Girls have so much insight and experience to share. They are the next
>generation of leaders. It is time that we make a difference.

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