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Linda Wrote:
"Take a look at the material on this web site: do you
think it shows that
material on Title IX is widely dispersed?"

Linda is right. Most material from "official" sources
is stilted and filled with jargon. Most of the material
from most of the sources is immune from "plain language"
statutes. I might suggest that there are other sources
on the net where Title IX is more comprehensively dealt
with than the limited resource that Linda cites because
this one is highly anecdotal and somewhat provincial in
its perspective. I recommend the site managed by Mary
Curtis (Associate AD) at the University of Iowa for
solid background on Title IX. She is basically concerned
with intercollegiate issues but the language also
applies to interscholastic ones. See: where she
maintains a very solid background set of data. The OCR
also has a very limited set of documents at and one of
the best sets of backgrounders is at: where an
entire journal issue of legal background has been
devoted to gender equity in sports. While Martha's site
deals more comprehensively with the classroom overview,
some of the others are more case-specific but please
remember that the entire series of Cohen v. Brown
maneuverings has reset the clock! Cohen, in its glory,
is on the net with nearly 300 pages of Bownes Best.
Even OCR hasn't caught up with that one yet.

I tend to remember that we all tend to forget that Title
IX deals with the Education Acts and not just with
athletics. The real power of Title IX is when folks use
it. I know the federal bureaucracy is slow and very
limited by its ponderousness, but there are good people
working for OCR and they can't move unless someone
motivates them to. The system starts with your
complaint and then it moves very slowly. Before you
sign the completed form NOTHING moves.

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