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Daniel Barnett (
Tue, 05 May 1998 12:19:27 -0400

I am writing in regard to your e-mail about womens issues! I am a junior
in high school. I am in a group in school called, "Young Womens
Leadership"(we're trying to take the young out of it!). I think that
your idea is awesome. I know that there are a lot more teen-females out
there looking for something like this. Our group here consists of 20 or
so females. There are adults also. Every year we have a big 3-day,
2-night confrence with 2 other surrounding schools. By the way I'm in
Portsmouth High School in NH. Don't feel alone, I'm sorry that your
community isn't into woman issuses as much as ours is but all it takes is
someone to start it. That's how we got started. And now it's a pretty
big thing, we have included other schools around us and we have alot of
support from teachers, parents, peers, neighbors and many other people.
All you have to do is find some other girls who are also interested in
WOMAN ISSUES and take it from there! Have a few meetings, talk to a
school counciler who can help get something started. If you would like
more info. send me a letter. I don't have an e-mail anymore.
32 Weald Rd.
Portsmouth, NH 03801

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