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Linda Purrington (
Tue, 05 May 1998 13:16:49 -0700

You do not need to be in the case as a student, teacher, or parent to
make a report about gender inequity and request for redress; you need
only be a person in the community--even the larger community. This one
provision allows students to be shielded somewhat from the inevitable
retaliation. If you have an interest in serving the community this way,
please get in touch with us.

Linda Purrington
Title IX Advocates

Brown & Dempsey wrote:
> I agree with both Linda and Jacquelyn: OCR hardly works
> and the people in OCR work hard. The tools are there I
> am just having trouble learning to use them. I have
> found very few people in either journalism or in law
> who recommend that anyone use OCR and Title IX. The
> files are full of "OCR is not effective" kinds of
> articles. Private attorneys, however, do use Title IX
> and Franklin to effect massive changes. Linda is right
> when she says OCR has never used the sanction.
> Jacquelyn is right when she says this is a series of
> battles and not a single war we are engaged in.
> Many states have laws that are also very well written
> but equity isn't there. The federal courts are still
> trying to define Title IX (and if you haven't read
> Cohen III and Cohen IV perhaps you will.) I asked an
> attorney for OCR where I could find the Library of
> Findings on the internet. He almost cried when he told
> us of the huge battle just to get anything posted on
> their website. I have found more frustration among the
> workers at OCR than among the population
> generally. I suspect it is because they know what could
> be done AND what needs to be done. The public
> frequently believes that the things spoken to in equity
> have already been achieved. There are lots of stories,
> but it boils down to whose ox gets gored.
> OCR could be more receptive and require less proof
> before proceeding with a complaint, but then the public
> could bury OCR in complaints. We all know that very few
> places covered by a law requiring equity are equitable.
> I also suspect most of us haven't ever filed an OCR
> complaint. This Chicken needs to find a few more eggs
> before I am willing to answer the question.
> Herb Dempsey (Retired)
> 27001 86th Ave E
> Graham, WA 98338

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