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Jeanne Kohl asked for more current readers/texts. Jeanne, I don't
know if this fits your request but I'm reading a very interesting book
right now...Answering Back: Girls, boys and Feminism in Schools by
Jane Kenway and Sue Willis et al. by Routledge. They research looks
at "What happens when people who normally work in schools try to
remake gender identities and relations in more humane and just ways?
This empirical study was done in Australia but I think it is something
that has great applicability to the US...and certainly something to
think about. I'd be interested in what others think of this
book...(i'm only on page 45). Perhaps we could have an on-line
discussion about it in the future.

Katherine Hanson
WEEA Equity Resource Center

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Subject: a request
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Date: 5/5/98 12:29 PM

I have been teaching a course, Gender Equity in Education, for 13 years
at the University of Washington and have to order text(s) for my summer
school course. The past two years I've used Sadker & Sadker, Failing at
Fairness, as well as a reading packet of articles. Last year I also
used Peggy Orenstein SchoolGirls.

I'd appreciate receiving suggestions about any more current texts or


Jeanne Kohl

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