coeducation brainstorming

Linda Purrington (
Wed, 06 May 1998 10:50:13 -0700

Can we do some brainstorming about the following quote from Robert
Tighe, who has offered some thoughtful suggestions for gender equity on
the elementary level? Are we really saying that this problem is
insoluble? Somehow, people need to approach this problem with both
genders, not just in the classroom, but also on a wider level of
national education policy. What would you propose, Robert, if you had
your druthers?
Linda Purrington, Title IX Advocates

Robert Tighe said."....Personally, my preference would be to try to get the male
captains to try to be more social and less competitive...
Of course, that would have very little chance of success and would
probably get me branded as an insane person--not a good reputation
for a teacher......"

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