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Dick Jane Katie (
Wed, 06 May 1998 05:46:16 +0000

Prince William County Virginia"s Public School System is where the
research can be found on Marsteller Middle School's gender classes.
The contact is Shelly Sutherland and she is with the testing service of
the county. She has collected grades, done focus groups, and teacher
interviews, as well as student and parent surveys. The results are
difficult to generalize to gender alone but we have noticed the
following trends.
* Surveys of the parents of girls - very positive
* Surveys of female students after being in the program - very
* Surveys of the parents of boys - positive
* Surveys of boy students - less positive - but now that the teachers
in the program are working hard to find the strongest method of
using cognitive strengths and weaknesses to develop lessons to
enhance instruction - the boys are liking the program more
* Grades - most noticeable improvement gender grouped males
for language arts (sort of a pleasing surprise to us . .)
Then students in gender classes for math and science have the next
highest rate of success in maintaining a B average.
You may contact the principal of Marsteller Middle School for
more documentation in addition to Shelly Sutherland.
Principal - Karen Poindexter
Marsteller Middle School
8730 Sudley Rd.
Manassas, Virginia 20110
703 - 361-2433

Hope this helps - Jane Jones

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