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>I have a question I have been thinking about and wanted to get opinions from

>the rest of you. If you could sit down and talk to elementary, secondary
>post-secondary teachers about thier curriculum, instruction, and assessment
>decisions as they relate to gender equity, what would you say to them?>>

I thank everyone for all of the wonderful responses to my question. I have
been off the computer for a few days and am just reading some of them.
However, when I posed this question, it was not because I wanted to know
myself what to say to these teachers (although that has been a wonderful
plus), but I noticed that on this listserv there is much talk about what
teachers need to do, change, etc. to promote equity. So I posed the above
question. I am sorry for the misunderstanding, however, the responses have
been wonderful! I have noticed that many of the responses several of the
respondents have suggested aim to take the teachers to a point of awareness.
In my work with preservice and inservice teachers, they can "get to" the
of awareness and then to the belief, "All people are equal, therefore I am
equitable." Sadly their practice (nor mine for that matter) does not take
that next step into action. How might we move teachers to act
differently/more equitably going beyond awareness?

Jenny Piazza


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