Re: coeducation brainstorming

jdespain (
Fri, 8 May 1998 18:24:37 -0700 (PDT)

> Re: Robert Tighe's comments about elementary gender education:

> They say we have along way to go...not that we don't know that!

> That feminine qualities like cooperative socialization
> are not respected in the world of the male captains.

> That the negative male indoctrination of domination
> is very alive and dysfunctional. That you'll be outcast for taking
> a pro-feminist or equal rights position in the schools.

> These comments give a big part of the reason why comprehensive
> equity action is not taken seriously in the schools.

> They reaffirm why I continue to outrageously question the authority of
> such male leadership.

> For The Children.
> Jean-Marie DeSpain, M.S.
> Educational Ideals

> Robert Tighe said."....Personally, my preference would be to try to get the
> male captains to try to be more social and less competitive...
> Of course, that would have very little chance of success and would
> probably get me branded as an insane person--not a good reputation
> for a teacher......"

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