Alternative school for gay youths?

C123S105L (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 10:39:40 EDT

For the last four days there has been a conflict betwen members of LIGALY (Long
Island Gay and Lesbian Youth) who claim that BOCES promised them an alternative
school for some gay youths who could not longer attend their own schools because
of peer harassment only to be told that ''it was a misunderstanding''. LIGALY
claims that they now have children who already had dropped out of their schools
to join this ''new'' school they had been promised. I called the organization
and discussed TITLE IX with one official who admitted not to be too familiar
with this law. He was polite but said ''a lawsuit would not be in the best
interest of these students. When I suggested that they at least tell the school
that if they did not stop the peer harassment aimed at the students they
mention the possibility of having a OCR officer come to the school they 'were
still NOT interested !!! There are 500 families of these gay students
involved!!!! There must be something else going on. I finally told this person
that I thought that the least they could then was to ''inform the students
regarding TITLE IX so the they were aware of this possibility....I find this
indifference hard to digest....

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