Status Report on Women and Girls in Education

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Thu, 14 May 1998 19:13:38 -0400

WEEA has been commissioned to prepare a national report for
Congress on the status of educational equity for women and
girls as part of our new contract. The report, mandated by
the Improving America's Schools Act (IASA), will be the
first Congressional report of its kind and it will serve as
an important baseline for all future national education
initiatives. It is our hope that this report will not only
examine the successes and lessons learned, but also provide
a blueprint to our national leaders for making educational
equity a reality for all the girls and boys in our schools.

The Department of Education has appointed a national
steering committee to assist in the development of this
report, which is due to the Department in November and will
be delivered to Congress in December, 1998. The committee
includes educational equity leaders from research/policy
institutions; national advocacy organizations; DACs;
disabilities/special education organizations;
business/vocational education/school-to-work/non-traditional
occupations; teacher unions; K-12; teacher preparation; and
higher education.

We would appreciate your assistance in helping the
committee--which meets in early June--to shape this report.
Please respond to the following questions:

1. How would you chart the progress of women and girls in
education in your state, region, nationally?

2. Are you aware of any recent reports about the status of
women and girls in education in your state? (If so, please
send them to us or tell us how to obtain a copy.)

3. While the mandate of this report is specifically to
assess the status of women and girls in education, we would
like to demonstrate how gender equity efforts have
benefitted all students. Are you aware of any research on
this subject that you think we should include?

As you can see, we are operating under a very tight
timeline. We want to solicit as much input as possible given
these constraints. Please respond with any comments,
suggestions, research materials, etc. by May 28th. Send
e-mail (with attachments of any documents you think we
should consider) to WEEA's research assistant, Ambika Kapur
<> or mail them to her at: WEEA Equity
Resource Center, 55 Chapel Street, Newton, MA 02158-1060.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your help.

Susan J. Smith
WEEA Equity Resource Center

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