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> John, You raise so many interesting points. One that interested me was
> when you said,
> Also, a majority of the teachers I
> had were female. Should we demand more male teachers? And how
> would we get more males into teaching? Apparantly this is not a
> priority in this technophile society.
> One suggestion I have is to pay teachers more. This is clearly the main
> reason that men go into other fields besides teaching. If teachers were
> paid like technocrats, we'd have no problem attracting men into the
> profession.

In support of the above comment: I teach at the community college level
and at my last college I worked with a wonderful biology teacher who said
he felt fortunate that his wife had a high paid executive position so that
he could afford to pursue the career he loved most -- teaching. I thought
that made quite a statement about salary levels.
As an elementary school student in the late fifties, 50% of my teachers
were male. But as more women enter a field, the salary levels for that
field usually drop, so only those who are willing to work for less stay
(usually women).

Carla Swift
San Luis Obispo, California

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