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Sommers has consistently attacked the Sadkers without ever
acknowledging the inaccuracies in her mischaracterization of their
research. She did find a flaw in their analysis of one piece of their data,
dealing with frequency of boys calling out in class (which the Sadkers
have acknowledged.) When challenged openly and above board by the
Sadkers, she refused to correct her work. I could go into much more
detail- but, I suggest that you check out a response which David Sadker
made that appeared in USA Today a while ago. David is clear that
Sommers did not accurately reflect interviews which she says she had
with educators- and would not back off of her misquotes when she was
challenged by the people that she supposedly "quotes." Sommers is not
a researcher and her funding sources are not independent from a
political agenda. Check out where the funds that support her are
Peggy Weeks

>>> Ted Weverka <> 05/14/98 04:28pm >>>
> From: PEGGY WEEKS [] > > >
Christina Hoff Sommers has been no friend to equity for > years. I do
not recommend you read the referenced book without a great deal > of
skepticism. > She has misquoted cited researchers in this book; there
are > other problems with her "research." > > Peggy Weeks

Enemies of equity need to be exposed. Can you tell us about these
misquotations and problems?

Robert Weverka <>

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