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Chris Nelson (
Fri, 15 May 1998 14:25:28 -0800

You're right, none of us go into teaching for the pay. If we went
into teaching for the money we would all be seriously dissappointed.
Secondary and elementary teachers are generally on the same salary
schedule. I would suspect that the younger children are perceived as
needing a more nurturing type of teacher than one might find at the
secondary level. The opportunity to excel in a particular field at the
secondary level is also likely to attract more male candidates...
particularly if they coach. Haven't we come a long way?

CTed Weverka wrote:

> Bob writes that men don't go into teaching because of pay, and women
> don't go into technology because of socialization.
> I disagree. I believe that socialization and discrimination are the
> dominate reason for both the lack of men in teaching and the lack of
> women in technology.
> In fact it is easy to show that it is not pay that keeps men out of
> teaching. Secondary School teachers have the same average pay as
> Primary School teachers according to the NCES. The former has as many
> men as women and the latter is dominated by women. I conclude that it
> is not pay which is keeping men out of primary school education.
> Robert Weverka <>

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