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Megan Murray (Megan_Murray@TERC.EDU)
18 May 1998 10:21:44 U

Carla Swift at wrote:

> But several sources also suggest that the language of technolgy may
> subtly discourage girls from participating in computer use beginning
> very early. The language of computers computer operating systems are
> based upon the rules of the "command" and "control" --functions of
> military hierarchies -- a language of power which may tend to make
> computers seem "foreign" to girls who are socialized to follow
> directions -- to take orders, not give them.

For more on this, see Gender, Discourse and Technology, by Katherine Hanson.
It's one paper in a Working Paper Series put out by EDC (The Education
Development Center, Inc; The Center for Equity and Cultural Diversity)

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Megan Murray

Well, how wonderful it is to be referred to! We offer Katherine's paper here at
the WEEA Equity Resource Center, of course. It's in our catalog, which is also
on our web site, in the "new to the collection" section, at

Susan Carter

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