RE: Educational brainstorming

Robert McIntosh (
Tue, 19 May 1998 09:09:01 -0700

Bob Tighe wrote:
Pay was a major factor then, but I believe
that socially conditioned preferences and status issues have
since become more important, at least at the elementary level.

There is no doubt that men are conditioned not to be nurturing
to young children and those that are nurturing are viewed skeptically by
our culture. But when you talk about status issues it seems to me you
are talking about MONEY. Teaching has become a low status profession
precisely because of the history you so aptly cite. It became a woman's
profession and still is. To me the question is, how do we help the
teaching profession reclaim its status in society? The only answer I
can see: By attracting our best and brightest into the profession. Any
ideas how we can do that?

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