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Linda Purrington (
Tue, 19 May 1998 09:21:47 -0700

Yup; and furthermore, we need to look at the fact that only 27 percent of
our families are so-called traditional families. Single mothers are
often trapped in jobs that do not support a household. The structure of
wages and jobs has to change in society to register the increase in
housholds headed by women with no or inadequate child support. Do we have
a breakdown of such families in the various echelons of teaching? Do we
understand the connection between raising a family alone and going to
night school to finish a degree or seek further training? Does anyone
have a gender breakdown on the superintendents of school districts
nationwide? That also might be useful to this discussion.
Linda Purrington

> I do not agree that women have less money motivation behaind their
> career choices- That is a gross oversimplification based on an analysis
> of old socialization patterns. If it were true that women want less money
> for their labor, why have there been so many Title VII wage
> discrimination suits across the country? Why the Equal Pay Act? Why
> Title IX? Why the gender program requirements under the Voc Ed Act
> (Perkins)?
> In fact, after WW II, because of federal support, men were able to get
> training as school administrators. School administrators have always made
> more than teachers. Further, many school administrators
> of old came up from teaching in secondary schools (which training was
> part of the fed support program for vets) and from coaching.

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