Scholars needed for Masters in economic literacy for girls.

NSaks (
Tue, 19 May 1998 12:46:57 EDT

I'm writing EDEQUITY in hopes someone might help me locate scholars willing to
be on my master program committee.
The program will start the end of July. The main focus is something like:
"building self esteem and leadership in young women through business
experience, entrepreneurship and economic literacy."

I've been working with girls and entrepreneurship/economic literacy in
juvenile hall and through An Income of Her Own for three years. I'm starting
a business and embarking on a Masters program both centering on using
entrepreneurship and economic literacy to strengthen self-esteem and a sense
of self-efficacy in girls. The program is through Antioch University and I
basically create it myself. I choose scholars from my area to serve as
program committee members. I'm in need of PH.Ds in my area (Northern
California) who have studied entrepreneurship and or leadership, psychology of
money and/or Women's Studies etc. (it would be great if they had interest in
girls also) Do you have any ideas or people who might know others? does
anyone also know of any research done in this area?
Thank you so much for your help. My email email address is below.

-Naomi Saks

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