Re[2]: Educational brainstorming

Marty Henry (
Tue, 19 May 98 12:54:49 -0700

Interesting, Bob, that you raise the issue of pay being a major
determinng factor in male's choices. I know a female who was strong in
both math and science who considered teaching, but wanted a profession
in which she could support herself without having to depend on anyone
else so she chose engineering. After a few years in the
female-unfriendly field, she opted back into teaching. I believe the
pay issue is more widely spread than just being an issue for males.
There are also factors that impact job choices such as the environment
of work that affect job retention. With more females opting not to
marry or not to have children, pay may be a factor in fewer people
(females or males) deciding not to enter this profession. In that case
we have more problems than just the gender of who teaches!



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