A place for the guys

John Meyer (john_meyer@geocities.com)
Wed, 20 May 1998 13:51:56 -0600

I've been reading this educational brainstorming debate for some time and I
am wondering whether or not we will achieve educational integration,
gender-wise, in all areas of a college campus, or whether we even want to.
As a guy, I like to have some place where I can go and talk to other guys
and no girls are around. It's not that I hate women; it's simply that I
want a break from them at times, where the primary thing on my mind is not
posing for a girl to get her into bed.

Yet there seem to be fewer and fewer places like that, where guys can hang
out alone and not be considered either a gang of rapists or simply pigs.
Fraternities are now under attack, and I think that some of the attacks are
being generated by those who are suspicious of any large group of guys,
whether white, black, or whatever. They think that somehow the men are
doing something that endangers girls or is generating money, and they think
that by placing girls there they can eliminate that danger. Yet nobody has
seriously talked about revolking the charters of sororities.
Any ideas on this?


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