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Cynthia J. Mesh (
Wed, 20 May 1998 20:58:55 -0700

Elizabeth Perle McKenna: _When Work Doesn't Work Anymore: Women, Work and
Identity_ 1997 (I think)

The above book (part memoir, part anecdotal research report) documents one
woman's search for her identity and her new understanding of how much her
identity and self-esteem had become wrapped up in the professional work that
she does/did. It could be read in whole or in part and I believe it would fit
in based on the title of your course. It also specifically addresses issues
of pregnancy and childbirth/rearing in the context of gender, identity and
work/family balance.

Cynthia Mesh, Ph.D.
Encinitas, CA

TKcarrot wrote:

> I am teaching a course titled "Gender, Identity and Self Esteem" for
> which I am having difficulty finding a satisfactory text. I am currently
> using 'Gender: Stereotypes and Roles' by Basow which covers the topics I want,
> but the reading level is too advanced for my students. Any suggestions would
> be greatly appreciated!
> I realize this posting may not be fully suitable for this listserv but as
> it is the only listserv to which I subscribe I thought I'd post anyway and
> hope for the best. I'd certainly appreciate any information about other
> listservs and/or newsgroups to whom this query would be better directed.
> Many thanks,
> Therese

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