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marie De Santis (
Mon, 25 May 1998 11:49:51 PDT

It seems to me that one of the quickest ways to up the nuumber of male
teachers is to put an immediate stop to the grossly preferential
promotions of male teachers into administrative positions of power.

The last time I looked (a while ago), 85% of teachers were female, and
95% of principals were male. That means that no sooner does a male get
into teaching than he is quickly whisked up to his `proper place' and a
mighty pay raise, while the female teachers, en masse, are (illegally)
held in their place as pawns of the patriarchy.

No wonder little boy privelege prevails in the schools. No wonder these
little boys who make death threats and put firecrackers in cat's mouths
are not stopped in their tracks early on. No wonder every last one of
these school massacres is perpetrated by a boy.


>We need to attract the best of both genders to teaching by raising the
>status of women--by paying well for all childcare, and by paying well
>for associated nurturing and teaching of children.
>Linda Purrington
>Robert McIntosh wrote: [snip] Teaching has become a low status
>> precisely because of the history you so aptly cite. It became a
>> profession and still is. To me the question is, how do we help the
>> teaching profession reclaim its status in society? The only answer
>> can see: By attracting our best and brightest into the profession.
>> ideas how we can do that?

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