Re: educating boys

Megan Murray (Megan_Murray@TERC.EDU)
26 May 1998 10:33:02 U

These are references I have collected off the ed equity list, about boys.
Can't say I've read or investigated any of them yet, but they might be

oAllan Johnson's website: book on the fact of and the veil over male
violence. This is crucial reading for those interested in educational equity
<> You can read an article by Johnson at, vol. 1, no. 12 (Juliette Cutler Page's phenomenal issue on
oRaphaela Best's "We've All Got Scars"
oMichael Messner at USC has has documented how masuclinity is grounded in
misogyn and homophobia but has yet to reach the mainstream.
oTerrance Real's, "I Don't Want to Talk About It"
oBernard Lefkowitz' "Our Guys" - to get a sense of the impact of male
socialization in our culture.
oJeffrey Canada's "Reaching Up for Manhood" - a project in New York State
that we ran from 1995-1997 called "Men Helping Boys with Choices" that
focused on connecting middle school educators with boys in their schools in
order to help them explore and attempt to interrupt the negative messages
with respect to male socialization (I can share the Final Reports with anyone
who might be interested)
oDaniel Goleman's book, "Emotional Intelligence"

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