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>On Fri, 22 May 1998, Guy Giffard wrote:
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>> Really? How much do you REALLY credit a man who stays at home with
>> his kids? For instance, how many single women do you know who would
>> keep dating a man whose main ambition was to be a stay-at-home dad?
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>Whatever your response to the e-mail, this message got nothing across but
>sexist stereotyping. Women do get little credit for raising children. This
>is why childcare is so undervalued in society: women are primarily
>responsible. What is identified as female and feminine in a social
>structure that does not value women is devalued. If more men stayed at home
>with the children, taught elementary education, day care, the value and the
>pay would increase.

Good point, but on the original post, one up from where this started, I was
referring to men who stayed at home, _without_ children. I wasn't meaning
to put childrearing down. I think that it is a necessary part of our society.
But just because something is necessary, and something is done by men, does
not mean that the pay will increase. Look at garbage collectors, for
instance. Garbage is something that would definitely have a negative
effect on our lives if it weren't hauled away every day, and most garbage
collectors are guys, yet we do not pay them nearly as much as they deserve.

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