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Tue, 26 May 1998 08:29:23 -0700

The Office of Civil Rights does not recognize cheerleading nor drill
team as a sport even though some districts would like to make that
claim. I suggest you contact your regional office for a position memo.
If you have a fax number, I will be glad to fax a copy of the one I use
when I monitor school districts.

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> Am forwarding Alexandra's response to update everyone on the status of
> their
> efforts. As you may recall, she is in NJ. If you wish to offer help
> please
> correspond with her directly.
> I always have a heavy heart when the dreams of our children hit
> reality
> especially when reality is inaccurately perceived as Title IX has been
> in
> assessing this districts compliance with the law.
> Jane Sheeran'
> NYS AAUW Ed/Equity Director
> Unfortunately, our school budget was soundly defeated this past April,
> and,
> despite all our efforts, the Town council cut an additional $485,000
> from
> an already bare-bones school budget. We were informed last week that
> there
> would be no money allocated to a new sport when other existing sports
> and
> co-curricular programs were facing cuts. We have raised over $1600 of
> the
> needed $5,000 which might be used to start a club volleyball team. We
> are
> really disappointed at the turn of events, especially after all our
> hard
> work. The sports structure at our school made it hard to pursue Title
> IX,
> because they considered cheerleading a girls' sport even though there
> are
> only eight girls on the squad in fall and winter. Wish we had better
> news
> to send, but thanks for all your interest and information.
> Alexandra

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