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Susan M. Wozny wrote:

> I am also very disturbed over the shootings occurring across the country.
> I have a son and I am very concerned about the world he is growing up in.
> My idea is somewhat based on the concept of "Taking Our Daughters to Work."
> I believe our sons are in danger of becoming part of a society based on
> violence, guns, and a disregard of humankind. I would like to see a day
> devoted to our sons, such as, "Reclaiming Our Sons." This could be a day
> that we spend time with our sons promoting non-violence, nurturing, and
> working toward banning weapons. I want to re-claim my son from a violent
> society and teach him a better way. I already do this but I would like
> everyone to do this and hopefully save our sons and daughters from violence
> like this.
> Does anyone think this might be a good idea or have any input. Just an
> idea, nice to meet everyone.
> Susan Wozny
> Science Library, UW
> Laramie, WY 82071
> (307) 766-6203
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