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I agree with John's original posting. There are lots of times and places where
I want to be just with women. Having guys around essentially change the
atmosphere. I think women should be allowed to have those places and times and
I think men should also have places where they can be alone. It is only when
guys use those places and times to assemble machine gun parts for strafing women
that perhaps that particular group should be stopped. But let's not condemn
them until we catch them with the cotter pins, eh?

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Date: 5/26/98 9:02 AM

Before we get any further into this debate, let me make a point clear: I
am not for institutionalized discrimination. In the classrooms, in the
boardrooms, in every room but the bathrooms, I think that coeducation is
the way to go. I don't think that the Citadel was exactly on the right
track before, and, because of what has happened, I think that the Citadel
has to work towards making the best of the current situation.
Nor do I, as some on this list have suggested, think of women primarily as
sexual objects. What I am against is Robert's position that all guys do
together is reinforce sexual stereotypes and hatred of women. What I think
we are living in is a world that fears guys and the institutions that they
make. Whether it be the common street level gang, the club, or even a
backwoods retreat, guys in those groups are thought to be hateful,
discriminatory beasts who shouldn't be trusted in large groups. Women are
okay; it is guys who must be up to something.
As a journalist, I can't afford to perceive women as sexual objects, or
even sexual in any way. Women, men, whatever, are simply subjects to stories.

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