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Subject: [BOYSED] Competitiveness in men
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I went recently to the Sydney Literary Forum (SCEGGS): Hunks, Heroes &
Hormones, chaired by Helen Garner, speakers were Peter West, John Lonie,
Babette Smith (author of "Mothers & Sons"). The most interesting audience
discussion was on the place and nature of competition in the world of men,
specifically on the relationship with fathers (as in John Marsden's call for
a boy to, at some stage, beat his father at something significant). Some
decried all competition (eg Babette), others saw it a necessary part of
growing up.

There seem to me to be parallels with the world of sport where there are
mixed messages about controlled aggression in service of a team goal and
where there are at the same time a lot of benefits for boys (belonging, self
control, skill development, focusing attention, perseverance, physical
release, fun etc). Are there any sports teachers out there working with
issues of masculinity & aggression in sport?

My own view is that we have yet to clear up the confusion of competition &
power and that we specifically need to teach the difference between
constructive & destructive forms of competition.

What is happening out there on this issue?



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