RE: Equity in policing and schools

Ted Weverka (
Thu, 28 May 1998 14:38:10 -0700

> From: Brown & Dempsey []
> I have found several districts where
> fewer than 10% of those in AP Calculus are girls and in
> others where no girl has ever been a finalist in the
> Geography Bee. I have, however, found many states where
> "Inequality is unconstitutional."

It is unfortunate that these schools have such a large disparity of boys
and girls in AP Calculus. Nationwide, there are the same number of
girls as boys in High School AP Calculus courses. This means that since
you found several with a 10% to 90% disparity favoring boys, there are
disparities the other way in other schools.

Overall all subjects, there are many more girls taking AP courses than
boys. In 1995, 30% more girls than boys took AP examinations. Now that
we have achieved equity by sex in AP calculus enrollment, it is time to
concentrate on the inequities against boys in the other AP courses.

-Robert Weverka <>

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