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Interesting site you've found Ted.

I couldn't help but notice that when you look at the average salaries of
men with bachelor's degrees ONLY their median weekly salary is $852 or
$44304 per year while women with the same qualifications earn $640 a
week or $33220 annually. An even larger discrepancy exists between men
and women with advanced degrees (about $13,500 per year). I wonder if
the fact that so many women professionals are in education related
fields has skewed these statistics.
In other words, I wonder what the average income of college graduates
would be if all educators were taken out.


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> > What is the national average salary for all people with a bachelors
> > degree and above?
> The Bureau of Labor Statistics gives the median weekly salary for
> someone with a Bachelor's degree as $737 (1998 data)
> $737 per week comes to $38,324 for a 52 week work year.
> Teachers salaries, $37,846 per anum (1995-1996 data), are here

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