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>> I am also very disturbed over the shootings occurring across the country.
>> I have a son and I am very concerned about the world he is growing up in.
>> My idea is somewhat based on the concept of "Taking Our Daughters to
>> I believe our sons are in danger of becoming part of a society based on
>> violence, guns, and a disregard of humankind. I would like to see a day
>> devoted to our sons, such as, "Reclaiming Our Sons." This could be a day
>> that we spend time with our sons promoting non-violence, nurturing, and
>> working toward banning weapons. I want to re-claim my son from a violent
>> society and teach him a better way. I already do this but I would like
>> everyone to do this and hopefully save our sons and daughters from
>> like this.
Actually, we would do much better if we had a "Reclaiming our Ethics" day,
one in which we can teach boys and girls proper ethics and morals. It
doesn't even have to be that religious in nature; the Greeks and the Romans
had secular ethics. "Don't kill," "don't lie," "don't steal," "treat those
around you as you would treat others,"; could anybody tell me where they
would disagree with those principles? Throwing around terms like
non-violence, nurturing, and things like that does not get to the heart of
the matter, and that is kids are living in an age in which moral relativism
prevents them from making any hard, ethical decisions. One professor had a
class in which, although most of the kids could agree that the Holocaust
happened, they couldn't openly condemn the Germans for what they did. The
most common answer I get to asking somebody a moral question is, "well,
there are shades of gray", usually happening when the person wants to avoid
"Take our daughters to work day," is nothing more than a glorified field
trip. Actually, if you wanted to rename it, you could rename it "Take our
daughters out of school day," because that is what it is.
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