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Robert Tighe (tighe@APSICC.APS.EDU)
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Sue Sattel wrote:

> My understanding is that this is on sports, and should boys sports be
> eliminated to fund girls sports. I don't know about your state, but
> in MN we have NOT found that districts are eliminating boys sports to
> fund girls sports, even though, on occasion this has been threatened.
> Title IX doesn't require this and regs don't even recommend this,
> either.

On May 4th there was a column on the front of the sports section
in the Albuquerque Journal, written by their regular columnist,
which shows that some progress is being made in even the traditional
sports fan's perception of Title IX. The columnist, Mike Hall, was
talking about cuts in sports programs at New Mexico State University
(the Aggies), and ends his second paragraph with an erroneous but
common sentiment which I have seen, and come to expect, from similar

Title IX, easily one of the most discriminatory pieces
of Federal law ever written, was used as the reason to
put to death the men's swimming and track programs.

However, in the last half of the column, a more balanced view of
the events appears:

Normally, when men's programs are cut on college campuses,
Title IX--and thus women--take the blame. It was refreshing
to see the comments of Aggies swimming co-captain Tim Thayer,
who wrote in the campus newspaper, "While axing the men's
swim team and the 10 scholarships associated with it might
help average this financial crisis, one can't help but
notice that none of the 85 football scholarships were touched".

...The future of many men's sports in America might actually
be in jeopardy because of Title IX. But don't blame the law;
blame those who won't budge on the football issue...

Refreshing, indeed, especially coming from a sports columnist for
a major newspaper. Progress is slow, but it is progressing.

-- Bob Tighe

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